March : March Weather

Lion or Lamb?
Larissa Runyon, Kansas City, Missouri
Grade Level: Kindergarten

This is my March bulletin board that students created as we discussed the old saying about the weather in March. After reading several fiction and non-fiction books about lions and lambs, students chose which animal they are more similar to. Then, they wrote why they were like this animal. (Examples: I am like a lamb because I am cuddly and cute. I am like a lion because I like to roar!) Finally, they made their chosen animal to go with their writing out of small paper plates. To make the lambs, students colored their plate pink, attached ears, drew a face, and glued cotton balls around the face. To make the lions, students colored their plate brown, attached ears, drew a face, and attached and curled shredded brown and orange construction paper to look like the lion�s mane. Each lion and lamb turned out very unique and the writing is lots of fun to read!

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