Science : Penguins Unit

Do You Know These Penguins?
Morgan Dawkins, RPDS in Jacksonville, FL
Grade Level: Second

This bulletin board was created in order for students to display their knowledge at the end of a unit of study. After wrapping a unit on penguins, my class was divided into groups of two. Each group was assigned a specific type of penguin on which they were to focus for this project. After receiving their penguin, the groups researched to find information about their penguin. Using this research, each group wrote a two page report. Information included in these reports ranges from the habitat of the penguin to special marking on the penguin to interesting facts about the penguin. Within their research, groups also found the exact size of their penguin. Using this information, each group drew a life size version of their penguin and painted it with tempera paints. Finally, each group created a smaller version of their penguin and wrote a riddle about their type of penguin. An example riddle is, "I live in the Antarctic Peninsula. I am named after the mark on my chin. I eat krill and small shrimp. Who am I?" After the riddles were completed, the groups placed their small penguins on the map of the Antarctic region in the place where the penguin lives. Readers in the hall may then use the research reports and life size penguins to determine the answer to each riddle. The answer to each riddle is revealed if the penguin is flipped up. The picture shows the life size penguins across the bottom, the research reports across the top of the walls, the map of the Antarctic region on the bulletin board, and the smaller, flip up penguins placed on the map in each penguins geographical location.

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