Science : Tropical Forest Theme

A Forest Of Tropical Grades
Valyncia Bigsby, Bastian Elementary, Houston ISD
Grade Level: 2nd gr. ESL

The board was covered with a teal blue. The trees were made with brown crumpled butcher paper. The leaves of the tree were made by the students. They folded pieces of green construction paper in half and cut pieces out of the paper. They used green and brown markers to scribble on the leaves so that the leaves looked realistic. The snake was made by a group of 3 students that rolled green butcher paper on the floor with their hands until it made a 3 foot snake. Another student made a pink tongue for the snake out of rolled up pink tissue paper. The eyes were made by having a student color black and white eyes on white construction paper. The eyes were glued on the top of the snakes head. The butterflies were made from ripped pages from a teacher supply book. The students folded the ripped pages in half and cut butterfly shapes. They opened the butterflies and folded them accordian style and used pipe cleaners to make the antennae. The animals were drawn until construction paper and cut out. The students then covered the animals with animal print book covers.

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