Back to School : Lollipops

"Ms. Coffman's Sweet Shoppe"
Pam Coffman, Middletown Elementary
Grade Level: Kindergarten

To create this bulletin board, I took digital pictures of all the children in my morning and afternoon classes. I then cut them out as circles. I glued the pictures onto the rounded side of a small sized paper plate and stapled 2 plates together with a straw extending from the bottom to make a "lollipop". We then covered the "lollipop" with colored cellophane and tied them with a ribbon bow. We made a graph of our favorite lollipop flavor in class and the children picked the cellophane color that matched their favorite. I added paper curtains on the sides of the bulletin board to make it look like a candy store window and used a pastel wrapping paper as the background. The children loved looking for themselves whenever they passed the board in our hallway.

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