Character Education : Self Portraits

I'm Proud Of Me
Gina Musumeci, John F. Kennedy School, Newark, NJ
Grade Level: Special Needs

To make this bulletin board the students created portraits of themselves using construction paper, yarn, glue, multi-cultural face-shaped paper and markers. The students were then asked to write about what they are proud of. Then the students,with teacher assistance, took and processed digital pictures of themselves performing the activities they had written about. The students who created this bulletin board are special needs students ranging in age from 15 - 21 years of age. Many of these students have worked very hard to learn how to write simple sentences to express their thoughts and feelings. At the end of the lesson the students had the opportunity to discuss the character attributes in their personality that enabled them to achieve their accomplishments. The end result was a portfolio of accomplishments they were all proud of.

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