Science : Health / Food Pyramid

Let's Build a Pyramid
Gina Ramsey, Scott City Elementary, Scott City, Kansas
Grade Level: 3

Bulletin board size food pyramid-This was a class project which involved the entire school. We advertised in the school newsletter for pictures of food. Students were asked to bring these pictures each morning to school. From there our class would determine what food group each belonged to and put it in the proper place on the bulletin board. The display was in a prominent place where all students would see it nearly every day so the whole school got to watch the project grow. By the time the project was over, students in our class had a much better understanding of the food pyramid.

Next year, we may try this again but do something like grade level competitions to collect pictures. We might let all classes in our grade take turns applying the pictures to the bulletin board to involve more students in this portion of the process.

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