March : St. Patrick's Day

Lucky Leprachauns
Beth Salvatore, Groton Elementary School, Groton, NY
Grade Level: Kindergarten/Special Education

To create this board I first took digital photos of all the students in the two inclusion classrooms in which I provide support services. Next, I cropped the photos to show just the students heads and printed them out. Afterwards, I discuss St. Patrick's Day, leprechauns and the concept of being lucky. The students then colored hats, beards, clothes and shoes. Using their own photos the leprechaun bodies were assembled. I encouraged the student to try to discuss why they were lucky. For the students who were able to explain why they were lucky I typed up their statements and cut them out like conversation bubbles and attached them to their leprechauns. I added the rainbow, cloud and pot of gold for extra effect. I then added O' to both homeroom teachers' names to make them sound Irish. When the board was complete the students truly enjoyed trying to find themselves on the board.

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