January : Happy Winter

Happy Winter
Carole Frantz, Rochester, New York
Grade Level: Reading K- 2

Happy Winter is actually a book title as well as the subject of our Bulletin board. The book by Karen Gunder Sheimer evokes the spirit of winter sport and play. All children can relate to this. This year we've had little snow and so we arranged to have our main idea for writing about Winter Fun to be "if only there was a lot of snow". The bulletin board is 3 dimensional with a layer on top of layer. The people and things are cut with scissors that give the item a look of movement. The scene is simple. The students in first grade suggested the cable car and the hot chocolate stand and they also wrote about happy Winter Activities. There is a white landscape with trees on the horizon and kids sledding. skiing and skating. Their writing lines the outside of the winter scene. Everyone enjoys reading their pieces of writing and first graders gain confidence in their writing skills and abilities from the many kind comments from family and older students and faculty. First grade usually reads the piece of writing to Kindergarten and have great fun.

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