Science : Insects

We've Gone Buggy!
Melissa Wheatley, Columbiana, Ohio
Grade Level: Kindergarten

This interactive bulletin board was created to be used as a part of a unit on insects/bugs. I decided to use our classroom door because there was no bulletin board available in my room. The first thing I did was print out some insects/bugs on my computer, had them laminated and I cut them out. Then, I made the flowers and stems from construction paper and glued them to the door. I created the ant tunnels with construction paper and markers, and glued them to the door also. For final touches, I curled the green construction paper to resemble grass, and added sticky tack to the backs of the insects. This allowed the children to move the insects from place to place, finding food, etc. They were able to apply what they learned about these particular insects while manipulating the bulletin board. It was a great success and the children loved it!

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