Science : Ocean Unit

1P's Ocean Critters
Mrs. Parent, Raleigh, NC
Grade Level: 1st Grade

Welcome to our underwater world here in 1P. We are working on our ocean unit and the students have created five ocean critters to hang on our classroom bulletin board, around the room on string, and in the hallway on our wall display. The children are learning about ocean animals that have a skeleton, exo-skeleton, or no skeleton at all. They love this unit and of all our bulletin boards this is the one they get into the most. We have shells, starfish, sand dollars and ocean underwater pictures on the science table in front of the display. The students take a lot of pride in their work. I hand painted the background and the children make all the rest. We use everything from paper plates for the crabs, to construction paper and fruit loop cereal for the starfish, paper plate halves and tissue paper for the jellyfish and paper and glitter for the sea horses. As we complete an animal we read about it and explore it on the internet. As a conclusion for the unit the children do a report and give a presentation on an animal they find interesting found in the ocean. The "1P Pride" (our classroom nickname) hope you enjoy our ocean underwater world.

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