Social Studies : Madam C.J. Walker

Black History / Madam C.J. Walker
Dorothy Via, Lincoln Heights Elementary School Charlotte, N.C.
Grade Level: second

The girls painted paper plates for faces using tempra paint. They used paint for make-up and facial features. One has gold glitter for an earring. They added yarn and construction paper hair. Some was straight, some was curled around a pencil. They added ribbons and barrettes. The boys made captions (testimonials) about the hair products to go with the faces. One read, " My hair used to be as straight as a flagpole. Then I used Madam C.J. Walker's Vegetable Shampoo. Now my hair is as curly as a pig's tail!" Another read, "My head was a bald as a bare tree in winter. I used Madam C.J. Walkers' products. Now I am hairier than my dog!" A paragraph about Ms. Walker is printed to look like an ad from the Charlotte Observer Newspaper from 1910. It reads: Madam C.J. Walker's products changed my life. Read the testimonials and see what she can do for you (These are not actors. These are real people. *Results may vary)

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