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By: SharonLee

What I did was, this September, I placed a big poster board basket in the center and put red, green and yellow apples in the basket. The children helped. Then I used an apple border and the caption...WELCOME FALL! We talked about apples and read apple related books and did apple activities. Then in October, I will add Pumpkins the children have made and display their names on them. Ill add fall leaves that the children have made or collected for the border. Later well add paper squirrels they have made.. and nuts.. corn stalks.. things we make together in class. This can be carried through for the whole fall season. Just by adding a few different things from time to time.

bulletin board for beginning of school year
By: Barb

I would suggest you go with a theme. I know when I was in the library I usually picked a theme for the beginning of school and worked around that. One year I did apples, another year I did ladybugs etc. When I did the ladybugs, I used small, medium large bugs with the largest being the size of a 23x36 poster board...and they were neon colors. I glued movable eyes on them and curled their antenna around a pencil. You could also use your Ms F's fireflies and use a firefly for each student with they name.

Bulletin Boards
By: Laurie Pearce

I ran off some dinosaurs on green paper, cut them out and neatly wrote each child's name on them. I added palm trees and headed it "A "Dino"mite New Class". When I took down the board, each child took home their dinosaur. A colleague had an apple tree with a bushel of paper apples underneath. Each child had their name on an apple. She headed hers "A Great New Crop!" My colleague across the hall used a school of fish with the heading "Welcome to School". Each child also had a fish with their name on it.

Hallway Bulletin Board
By: Nancy5th

At our elementary school, all classroom teachers use a caption and then symbols with each student's "Finally....the Top Dogs" (25 dog heads, all slightly different with names on collars or 25 dog tags); "Hop into 5th grade" (frogs); "Step into 5th grade" (tennis shoes);"Sharp Kids"(pencils); "5th Grade Stars"; "Our Starting Lineup" (football helmets or numbered jerseys) get the idea. The important thing, I have found, is to make each one slightly different. My kids usually want to keep these "nametags" up all year, and then most of them take them home to put in their rooms.

Student bulletin boards
By: Wendi

I've heard this idea at many classes I've taken this summer. Divide your bulletin board up into sections so each of your students will have an equal section. Do this with thick black lines. Place their name at the bottom of their section. Explain to the students that they are responsible for making sure their portion is filled at all times. They can put drawings, art projects, corrected work they want to display, etc!!!!

back to school bulletin board
By: carplyn wilburn

Cover board with white paper. Put a large sheet of construction paper in the center on which you have drawn a LARGE question mark. Don't draw any attention to this question mark. Leave the bottom and side unattached. If a student lifts up the question the message reads: WELCOME BACK!!!

ocean bulletin board
By: Kelly

Going along with your ocean scene bulletin board, I make a bulletin board at the beginning of the year that is similar with different sea animals on it but my title is What a Catch! I put the student's names on each animal and I either put a fishing pole on it or a net across the whole board.

star bulletin board
By: sixth grade teacher

I made a board with a star border and dark blue background with yellow mini stars and the title Shining Stars. I put up their good work on this board.

I've also made a few other boards. I titled one board Keys to Success and made a 3 dimensional key ring and some single key cutouts. Then I put up about 4 inspirational quotes that the kids can read and think about.

I'm going to make a big bar graph this year to keep track of the number of books that each student reads.

I've also made a bookshelf out of construction paper and cut out strips of colored paper to use as book spines. When the students were finished with a book, they would write the title, their name, and rate the book with stars.


balloon bulletin board
By: Kim

I have a hot air balloon bulletin board for the beginning of the year. I took the idea from the mailbox magazine.

I took a cute pattern of a balloon and used the opaque machine (like an overhead.. but you do not need transparencies) to blow it up really big. Painted it and stuffed it with newspaper to make it 3d. Used string to attach a basket too.

The kids each got a small balloon to color. They attach the basket with string and write a paragraph about what they are most looking forward to in Third Grade and attach it to the basket. This year I hope to take their picture and make it look like they are sitting in the basket. (we shall see how it works out)

The whole thing is topped off with the title: "Lifting off to a Great Year!"

Bulletin boards for first of year
By: Linda Dietz

I work in a Christian school which has only about 200 kids. I try to do the first of the year board with a theme that can include a cutout for each student on the board. This year I am using the slogan "JRCS is in the swim of things" I have cut out a fish for each student and teacher/staff. Each class has a different color fish. All teachers are out of gray. I used my computer and the Curlz MT font to put names on all fish, and when I put up the board, all the fish will be in "Schools" with their teacher leading, and they will be heading to an underwater school.
Last year I did an apple tree with all names being on the apples. It said "A great crop of students" The kids love seeing their name on the board just as they walk into the school.

5th bulletin boards
By: Eve

The beginning of the year I did a bulletin board that said We Are a Picture Perfect Class. I used the die cuts I made of cameras from my Sizzix machine and also the negative die cuts. I took pictures of the kids the first day of school and developed them and then cut the pictures and put them in the lens and on the negatives. The background was red and the letters and borders and cameras were black. It would look cool in black and white also. I also still use centers for my fifth graders. A math center is on one bulletin board and I use manila folders to hold the center activities. Another one is We know how to Bee-Have with bees.

1st grade bulletin board
By: Barb

If you have a fish theme in your room this would work out great: Draw a large scuba diver on tag board, if you don't have a talent for drawing use the overhead and a copy of a drawing, where the face of the scuba diver is, insert a picture of yourself that you printed out either using a digital camera or a scanner. The scuba diver would be holding a welcoming sign with your name on it. Decorate the rest of the board with fish that you have either made with your students' names on it or let each child create their own fish. Caption of the bulletin board would be "Dive into First Grade".

teddy bears
By: Phyllis

I have been doing a teddy bear theme for many years, and have run the gamut of "corny" phrases for bulletin boards. (I use the word "bear whenever a word contains the syllable "ber." My family thinks that one of my worst is, "It's 'Septembear, how much do you "remembear?" I have the kids' bears sitting at desks with think bubbles above their heads, trying to remember math facts, spelling words, etc.)

Here's an idea...
By: Jennifer

I used a puzzle theme for my welcome bulletin board last year (I am a 5th grade homeroom teacher, + 5th and 6th reading). My title was "Putting the pieces of the puzzle together" I then created a large circular "puzzle" out of various colors of paper. I left several pieces out and scattered them around the circle. These pieces had words such as respect, effort, discipline, kindness, etc... whatever traits you expect from your students (a good way to work in the character education angle). The putting the pieces together became our motto for the year.

Bulletin Boards
By: Elizabeth

A name and picture display of the class is helpful for the kids to get to know each other and they love to see their own mugs up too! My kids use it for classroom mail so they can check the name spelling themselves. Also don't forget that the student's need some ownership of their room and leave some nice spaces for their work to be displayed-that is sometimes more valuable to them than the purchased sets.

Bulletin Board
By: Cheryl

I'm a fan of simplicity, and I'd vote for a nice "Welcome Back" or "Welcome to ___ Grade".
Last year a colleague made very simple stick-figure kids each holding part of the "Welcome Back" sign. It was simple, but effective.


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