Computer Lab : Keyboarding

You "Otter" Love Computers
Ashley Carpenter, Muscle Shoals, Alabama
Grade Level: 5th

This past summer, I redecorated the new computer lab in our school using "Techno Beach" as my theme. The main purpose of this bulletin board is to provide the students with a visual picture as they are learning the location of the major keys on a keyboard. The larger-than-life keyboard was created using small styrofoam carry-out boxes. They are attached to the bulletin board using clear push pins. The letters/numbers/symbols are glued onto the keys with hot glue. The otter and various fish are patterns I enlarged from books. I traced them onto poster paper, colored, glittered, and laminated them. The "seaweed" is made from green party streamers. I twisted them and stapled them to the bulletin board.

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