April : Easter Eggs

Look Who's Hatching
Donna Walker/Tammy McNabb, Foxworth, MS
Grade Level: 1st

The students had alot of fun doing this bulletin board. This board is seasonal for Easter, but it also involved alot of students involvement. The boys received a blue egg, and girls received a pink egg. The purpose of the eggs were to have fun while working on sentence structure. The students also had to use their imagination, and creativity. The students had to write at least four sentences at the bottom of their egg describing things they like, or things they enjoy doing. After the students finished writing four sentences they decorated the top part of the eggs. Some students drew pictures and some had alot of different colors on theirs. After they finished decorating their eggs, the students used scissors to cut the eggs apart. The students then punched a hole in the side of their egg, and connected it back together with brads. The teacher then assisted the students by putting their picture inside the hatching egg for the bulletin board display. Around the bulletin board is a bunny border on top of a solid blue border. The eggs are placed on bright yellow paper, and under each egg is some green easter grass. The eggs are also puffed out on the board to give an eye catching display!!

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