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Here are some great ideas for April bulletin boards submitted by ProTeacher visitors! Click on the photos at left for larger views and descriptions! See below for more ideas!

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April Bulletin Board Ideas
By: Becky

What about doing something using the book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? It Looks Like Spilt Milk is good too. Have the children make their own clouds and write what they look like. One of the teachers in my school had the children do a writing assignment that had the children compare different kinds of weather with moods.

April Bulletin Board
By: angie

I just did a spring-like bulletin board for April/May. It has a sky blue background with a large umbrella I made out of bulletin board paper.
The umbrella is divided into 4 sections, each with a character trait written on it that we're working on currently (honesty, respect, responsibility, motivation-but you could pick any you think your class needs). Across the bottom of the board are colorful flowers. Any time I observe a student displaying one of these traits, I write their name on a rain drop and staple it under the trait on the umbrella that they showed. We discussed that the flowers need rain to grow, etc. It is an attractive board and it has the students trying to "get caught" doing positive acts.

UMBRElla Brigade
By: Jerry

I just did one yesterday on spring. Here in this area of NY, it has been very dry so students each wrote a couple of sentences on rain, how we can conserve water, and ways they use water every day.

I titled it UMBRElla Brigade on top and I had each student cut out an umbrella pattern (just the top part) which they decorated and we attached black feet on the bottom with a big puddle in the middle of the board.

April Math Bulletin Board
By: Betsy

I'm presently working on an interactive bulletin board for April. The title is "Splish, Splash Do You Know Your Math?" I copied large rain drops onto white construction paper and covered the board with blue paper. I also enlarged a picture of a duck with an umbrella. Write Math facts on the raindrops and make answer cards for students to match to correct problem. I adapted this idea from a Mailbox Bulletin Board book.

Arbor Day Bulletin Board
By: Danielle

You could have the kids create a tree of knowledge. Have kids write on leaves what they learned in each grade K-5. Then give them a branch (crumble brown paper) and attach the leaves. Make a large tree on the wall/ in the hallway and add each branch to the tree.

I did this last year and if kids finish early they can decorate the tree with squirrels, birds, and draw a face on the tree, etc. I usually do this for Arbor day!


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