December : Christmas

"Long Winter's Nap"
Anita Carr, G.R. Hampton Elementary School, Barbourville, Kentucky
Grade Level: Kindergarten

This bulletin board is actually the door leading into my classroom. I decided on this particular theme in December when I was looking for something to put on my door that I could keep up all Winter! :-) Shortly before Christmas break, we had a special "pajama day" in my classroom during which I had taken pictures of each of my students "sleeping" in their pajamas. At the time, I didn't know how I planned to use the pictures exactly, but I knew I had to do something with them because they were just so cute! I came up with the idea of doing a "Long Winter's Nap" display after reading Twas the Night Before Christmas. So, I purchased some fabric with small stars in white, blue and yellow on it to put on the door as a backdrop. In the craft section of our local Walmart, I found some miniature bags in pastel colors, and using the ones in coordinating colors of white, blue and yellow, I made a slit down one side of each bag so that they could be folded back to resemble sleeping bags. I then printed the pictures of my students, cut them out and placed them in the "sleeping bags". Then, I simply attached them to the door, and put up some plain white border around the sides. On my computer, I made a sign that looked like a pillow, typed in the caption, "Just settled down for a Long Winter's Nap", and attached it to the door as well. It is a simple display, but quite adorable!

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