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December Bulletin Board Ideas
By: Amy Lee

I have done a bulletin board with the theme of Christmas Around the World. In the center I had the Earth and around it I had posters about how people in Australia, Canada, France, England, Germany, etc. celebrate the holiday. Also I include what they call Santa Claus in other countries. To stay away from Christmas theme and if you live where there is snow you could have the theme of Winter Wonderland and have students bring in winter photographs.

Holiday/Christmas Bulletin Board
By: Tracy

I just put up a Christmas Bulletin Board with my class yesterday. I gathered two large pieces of yellow sheet paper. Then I drew a large tree on white sheet paper. The kids colored it green with crayons only. I cut it out. Then I asked the kids to make three things from the various squares of construction paper I had available; an ornament, a present and a snowflake. Use small pieces of construction paper. It turned out great and we received so many compliments on it already. For a border, the kids traced their hands with red and green paper and cut them out. I added the phrase "We wish you a merry Christmas" too. You can also make hand wreaths to decorate.

christmas bulletin board
By: elizabeth

I make a Christmas tree made out of the children's hands traced on green paper. Have the children make many. Curl up the fingers and overlap them in a tree shape.
Under the tree we make "Peek a Boo" presents. Bring in the ads from the weekend paper. Have the children shop for an item, cut it out, and glue it on a piece of tagboard. They then write three clues on an index card gift tag that describes the item. Next they wrap another piece of tagboard in holiday paper, attach a bow and the tag, and staple the top to the picture.
Have the students make paper snowflakes to finish the scene.

December Bulletin Board
By: lauren

Every month my school works on a different writing standard to be displayed on a bulletin board. The month of December we are working on friendly letters. My class is going to be writing friendly letters to The Gingerbread Man. You could read the story and then have them write a friendly letter to the G-Man. Have the students cut out a big G-Man and post their letters on it. They can decorate them and so on. This will correspond with the literature response standard and one of the letter writing standards.

Christmas bulletin board
By: Cat

I'm going to do "A Fairy Tale Christmas" Each student is going to write a note telling a certain character from a fairy tale what their gift is to them this Christmas. Last year, these were really cute. For an example:

Dear Baby Bear,

I was sorry to hear about what Goldilocks did to your favorite chair. This year for Christmas, my gift to you is a new rocking chair. Hope you like it. If Goldilocks happens to visit again, I hope she doesn't sit in this chair. Merry Christmas!

The students did these notes on paper in shape of a Christmas present. Or you could have them each bring in a colorful gift bag and put the note in the bag along with a picture of the present.

bulletin boards
By: Carolyn

I have three bulletin boards to fill.
My first one is set up as a fire place and the children are going to do their names on paper stockings using glitter etc and they will be hung on the mantle. I am going to call it T'Was the night before Christmas.
My second one is going to be angels. The students have coloured angel bodies and I have stapled them so they are cone shaped. They will use glitter to make the wings and I am taking their photos and using them for the head. My class is call Primary Readiness - PR and I will call that one Angels in PR. I will shape the angels as a tree.
My third board is in the classroom. My TA made a tree and I found pictures of ornaments, bells and presents. The children will colour and cut them out and we will glue them on the tree.
Hope these ideas are not to late.

holiday bulletin board
By: tammy

I have a Christmas bulletin board that has red bulletin board paper with a mantle underneath (I found a roll of plastic stuff that looks like bricks somewhere several years ago - maybe WalMart.) Then above that in green letters is: "Dear Santa, We've been good this year." Then I either buy the tiny stockings and glitter paint their names on them, or we make them from construction paper.

Winter bulletin board.
By: Beth

I would begin to talk about the season of winter and I would bring up Jack Frost who is a fictional character. Then I would make up a story starter and have Jack Frost bring something other than winter when he arrives late in December. My kids had a ball with it and the pictures that they drew were incredible!


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