December : Creative Writing

Gingerbread Men Stories
Susan Simmons, Diamondhead, MS
Grade Level: 3

After reading the Story of the Gingerbread Man, we decided to create our own story of the gingerbread man! I gave them a writing prompt of "When I opened the oven door ...". After going through the writing stages, they had wonderful stories! Then I gave each student a cut-out paper figure of a gingerbread man. They decorated them however they chose, and did a fabulous job! They used fabric, candy, paint, yarn, buttons, etc... We used blue for the background, glued the man next to their writing (with a construction paper backing), and added snowflakes (they created during a math symmetrical lesson) for the top. I also cut out white bulletin board paper to look like snow at the bottom (a few curvy pieces of paper about 18" tall). The stories were humorous, and the gingerbread men/women were adorable!

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