October : Halloween Witch / Displaying Student Writing

Witchie Poo Loves Great Work Too!
Valyncia Bigsby, Bastian Elementary, Houston ISD
Grade Level: 2nd gr. ESL

The bulletin board is covered with tropical blue butcher paper. The border of the board was covered with a black garland that had purple bats hanging on it. Witchie Poo's face was made with green crumpled butcher paper. Her eyes, nose, and mouth were made from styrofoam that was cut and painted. Her hair was made from the left over bat garland that was used for the border. Her arms and legs were made by cutting a purple and black striped pair of pantyhose. The arms and legs were stuffed with butcher paper. Her hands were a pair of old skeleton gloves that were attached to the arms with safety pins. Her body was made from a spider web table cloth that was stapled to a flat piece of cardboard. Witchie Poo is reading the book "Piggie Pie". The cover of "Piggie Pie" has a witch that looks very similar to Witchie Poo. Her hat came from my halloween costume. The hat had a grey mouse attached to the left side of her hat. And to top it all off, her broom is displayed along side of her.

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