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Here are some great ideas for October bulletin boards submitted by ProTeacher visitors! Click on the photos at left for larger views and descriptions! See below for more ideas!

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By: Vicky

I have had my students trace their hands with the fingers held together to make ghosts. Then they wrote scary adjectives (spooky, slimy, creepy) on the ghosts. I titled the board "Scaring Up Adjectives". Not a very creative title, but it got the job done. This may not work for your hallway, but you could have the students write a short paragraph or poem on the ghost instead.

October Bulletin Boards
By: Amy

Currently I have 2 math bulletin boards in my classroom:
1) Spooktacular Work - Halloween Bulletin Board, students' spectacular work is posted on the board.
2) Problem of the Day - every day there is a different math problem or brainteaser, the students love it. They are awarded prizes every week based on the # they answered correctly over the # they attempted.

October Bulletin board
By: Nan

I just put up a bulletin board with bats flying around titled We're Batty Over Reading (not original but my artwork was) I made the bats from black con. paper and glued on white eyes with black pupils that looked googly. White background/black border. I have some pictures of my students (4th graders) reading with their reading buddies(kg) that I am placing all around the board. SO CUTE!

Easy October Bulletin Board
By: Sue

Mine is a black background with the words "We're here you just can't see us" written in white. I then have the kids use a 3x5 card or piece of typing paper and make large eyes. Make sure they are outlined in black and staple them on the board. Takes about 10 minutes!

Spiders Bulletin Board
By: Rosemary

Last year I bought the fake cobwebs (I think I paid about $1.99 at CVS. I then gave each child two pieces of black construction paper and an index card. They traced a circle that was about 7" (I had them trace an empty caramel corn container). I use them to hold pencils, rulers, etc. Then they cut the second sheet of paper into eight equal strips and folded them accordion style to make spider legs. WE listed Halloween words on the board (cat, bat, scary, hairy etc.) and wrote two line rhyming poems called creepy couplets. It was very cute.

Halloween bulletin board
By: Gail Howell

I taught first grade for five years, and have been teaching for awhile. I would recommend to skip a Halloween bb, and make a fall one (It will last longer, and save work for you.) When you're a beginning teacher, especially in first grade, you need all the extra time you can possibly get, preparing for lessons, and should make your life as stress free as possible.

"We have fallen into reading".....Students draw a picture on a leaf, and write about what they like about their favorite book or favorite book character.

The best advice ever given to me was...Make it simple and make it the students' work. All you need to do put up the border & banner...and then the rest is up to the students.

Fall Bulletin Board
By: Sarah

I think it would be student oriented to have a door that says "Signs of Fall" and let students collect objects from outside to paste on. Die cut apples and let them practice writing their name on them and hang them as well with their handprints for leaves on a tree!

Halloween Bulletin Board
By: Bianca

This year I had my class color and cut out owls and two leaves. I had blue paper at the top of the door until about 2/3 the way down and then I had green for the grass the rest of the way down. I made a crumpled paper tree to go from the bottom until about 2/3 the way up - bare with no leaves! I then cut out the words Look "Whooo's" Drug Free! It's cute and simple. The kids decorate the side of the door with their fall leaves and I add the owls to the tree with their names written on the owl.

Bats Bulletin Board

I have done a really cool bat project in the past years. Make a stencil of a bat, put the stencil on black construction paper and paint around the stencil using red, orange, and yellow. Remove the stencil and it looks like a bat is flying at sunset. Pair the artwork with a bat cinquain or poem. It's really cool!

Bulletin board reply
By: amanda

One year for fall I did a squirrel with a two buckets made out of laminated construction paper. I filled one of the buckets with leaves of math problems and the other bucket with leaves of the answers. During the day, I would let some students go up and try to pair the matching leaves and titled it "falling for math." I hope that can maybe give you some ideas.

October Bulletin Board
By: Page Thomas

Make a tree and let the children make fall leaves (wax crayons make these look great). You can have the children make pumpkins later in the month and post them. Build on this board all month. Maybe add a scarecrow in a week. Today I found a big spider web and the children took foam balls, black tissue paper, and pipe cleaners to make a spiders in the web.

Fall Bulletin Board
By: nwingo

Use a pretty burnt orange background and colorful border with pumpkins and leaves. Spread paper leaves around the board. Title it: Happy F
L! Let each student write their favorite thing to do in the fall. Use lined paper and back with fall colored construction paper. Very easy and you are covering several standards!


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