Seasons : Opposites

Opposites Attract
Teneshia Tyson, NC
Grade Level: Pre-K

This board was done to go along with a theme I did on Seasons. I took the opportunity to teach the children about opposites as well as. I used blue construction paper to make a border. I drew the young girl and the old man, the sun and the moon, and the props and had them laminated. For the sand I used manila colored paper and glued real sand on it and for the snow I glued batting on white paper, this allowed the children to feel the "opposites." For the background I used wallpaper. I used die-cut letters for the title. The children learned many opposites from this board; they learned day/night, young/old, rough/soft, balck/white, and the types of clothes you wear for different types of weather. They enjoyed touching and discussing the difference between the "snow" and the sand.

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