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Here are some great ideas for Seasons bulletin boards submitted by ProTeacher visitors! Click on the photos at left for larger views and descriptions! See below for more ideas!

More Ideas from ProTeacher Visitors!

Teddy Bear Bulletin Board Ideas
By: Lori

What if you made a teddy bear cutout for each child, then took a photo of each and did them up on a color copier so you could put the face of each child on "their" bear....Laminate them and these could be the basis for each month's board...
September could be the bears with some standard "beginning of school" stuff..crayons, books, an apple or two, and a sample of each child's work like the bear was holding it....You could title it "FIRST GRADE- Bearly Started and We LOVE It ALready!"
For October you could do a spooky theme with the bears and have the kids make pipe cleaner spiders, use some stretched out quilt batting from the craft store(makes great webs), and call it WE CAN BEARLY STAND THE SUSPENSE.....
November is harder...maybe something to tie in with a theme in their studies.. we usually have a community service project going to kind of tie in with Thanksgiving... All I can think of is Bearing Each Other's Burdens...but that's kind of heavy for first graders.. hhhmmm........
Like I said, I am really inspired here...I think I'll put aside the weather Bear I'm working on and work on this for a while!!!! Email me if you think any of this would work for you....I can see December now........POLAR BEARS LOVE FIRST GRADE!!!!! have the kids make little construction paper scarves for their bears, and add cut-in-half Styrofoam balls for snowballs...cutout snowflakes (great art project)....Gosh! This is fun!!!! Hope the inspiration strikes you too.

Calendar bulletin boards...
By: Jessica

Every month, I have my resource room students help me. We put up a colored background and a boarder...then they go to work decorating it with as many items they can the represent that month. Then, I incorporated weather into the calendar. We made a weather chart for one of my more lower functioning students. Each day he dresses the weather bear according to the weather outside which has helped him realize how to dress for the weather. We also have a chart that says "Today is", "Tomorrow will be" and Yesterday Was" which he really likes to change each day. This has really helped him to figure out the days of the week. For my more higher functioning students, I create a sheet for them that corresponds to each month. It has a list of questions about the calendar (ex: If today is March 15 and Mary made an appointment on March 26 to meet with the Leprechauns about next years St. Patrick Day celebration, how many days is it until she has this meeting? Mary also needs to know what day of the week will St. Patrick's Day fall on next year. Can you help her find which day of the week it is? and so on) The kids really enjoy the calendar work and I no longer have a calendar that is just wasting space!

Bulletin Board Ideas...
By: Tricia

As far as holiday bulletin boards go...I don't do them. I have a bulletin board that is seasonal, that way I don't have to change it all the time. The fall theme will be pumpkins and leaves with student pictures on them and the title will be something like "Falling into 5th Grade". My winter bulletin board is rolling hills of snow with snowmen, snowflakes and student photos, and the title is "All flakes welcome!"
I have found that students enjoy seeing their work/projects hanging up. This seems to create a sense of community and pride in the classroom. Most of my bulletin boards have student work displayed on them. Add a catchy title that goes with the assignment or project and you're all set!
I have one board that focuses on a character value, such as respect, responsibility, cooperation, etc. and this changes as the theme changes.

Fall Bulletin Board
By: Beth W

I just did this bulletin board in my class, and it worked turned out really well. I cut out a tree from brown paper that covered the entire board. For the boarder I used fakes leaves bought from the dollar store- stapled here and there. I then found a poem about fall and posted it on the board. I had my students draw pictures and write what they think when they hear the word "fall." I then stapled the poems around the tree in collage-type way. The display turned out very nicely, and is on display in the hallway of our school.

Winter Bulletin Board
By: Tricia

I live in a NY where we get a lot of snow and winter lasts forever! I do a winter bulletin board, which can stay up until April! The background is light blue. I use fiber fill (pillow stuffing) to make rolling hills of snow. I usually cut out snowmen with a die cut and have the students make snowflakes. The kids last year chose the title -"All flakes welcome!"
This year my students are making a 3-D snow globe with snowmen and snowflakes. Some students thought of title. This year they chose "Frosted Flakes".
Another idea I have used is large mittens and hats made out of construction paper. Students can write a poem about winter on the hat or mitten. The title could be "Bundle up with care".

Spring Flowers bulletin Board
By: third grade teacher

If you want to go with the "spring flowers" theme, you can title the board "We Grew A Great Year". I did this one year with a picket fence, and behind it, each child made flowers with stems. On each petal of the flower, they listed something new they had learned in my classroom that year. In the center of the flower, I put each child's picture. The flowers can be as 3-dimensional and as colorful as you want. It looked great, and wasn't too hard to do.

Spring bulletin board
By: Tara

I made a cute Spring bulletin board last year entitled "Bouncing Into Spring". I made Tigger bouncing on his tail (which was coiled up like a spring.) I had him bouncing in the grass. (I used Easter basket grass for my grass.) I made black lines (like humps) to indicate the bouncing motion. At Easter time I hot glued plastic Easter eggs in the grass. After Easter, I replaced them with flowers that had the children's pictures in the middle.


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