April : Hatching Eggs

Patti Rogers, Niota, Tennessee
Grade Level: Kindergarten

The idea for this bulletin board came from my wonderfully talented teaching assistant, Tena Riden. I was in need of a bulletin board that could be used through Easter and spring. The background was created from blue bulletin board paper with hills, which I cut from green bulletin board paper. I wanted my students to be involved in creating this board. So, each student created a colored, cracked egg, decorated in an Easter theme, from white construction paper. In addition, they colored baby ducks, also done on white construction paper, to go with the eggs. Both the eggs and ducks were cut out and I assembled them on the board. Some of the ducks appear to just be hatching while others are already out 'running' around. My assistant used a play on words to create the title, WE�RE SO 'EGG'CITED ABOUT SPRING, WE ARE ALL 'QUACKED' UP. The students loved the finished board and had a great time helping create this marvelous Easter/Spring display.

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