April : Spring Kites

3D Kites
Gloria Weaver, Alpena, MI
Grade Level: First

Here is a way to brighten up your room for spring. First, cut different colors of construction paper into 12" X 12" squares. Let children choose a color, then have them fold 2 corners in (to the midline) to make a diamond shape. (This will give you flaps on the back to staple to the board, making the kite look 3D.) Next, have the student write their first name in large letters on the front of the kite. They can then decorate by outlining in various colors around the letters, or decorate each letter individually. Next, have them draw a simple body shape on another piece of paper (or use a pattern to control the size), and tell them to make the body look like themselves: hair color, clothes they are wearing, etc. Cut out the body and put it with their kite.

To assemble the board, cover it first with blue paper, then put a strip of green at the bottom of the board to look like a grassy hill. Staple a kite near the top of the board, and put that child's body figure below it on the "grass". Attach a piece of yarn to the kite and staple it to the hand of the figure below, so it looks as though the child is flying it. Continue attaching kites in a zigzag pattern to make enough room for all of the kites in the "sky."

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