December : Geometry

Oh Geometry Tree, Oh Geometry Tree, How Lovely Are Your Properties?
Mrs. Kishanda Montes, Thirteenth Avenue School, Newark, New Jersey
Grade Level: 8th Grade, Math

During the month of December at 13th Avenue School, we make connections between the curriculum and NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards, while adding a touch of holiday spirit.

My 8th grade students were wrapping up their geometry unit and they were asked to come up with a creative theme to display their work. We explored many holiday songs and came up with Oh Geometry Tree, Oh Geometry Tree, How lovely are your properties? The 8th graders were dealing with 3-D shapes, so we decided to create a 3-D bulletin board.

The 8th grade students designed the entire display with the exception of the teacher's 3-D geometry tree (center). While learning about geometry, all the 8th graders cut, colored, and assembled the 3-D shapes displayed on the geometry tree and bulletin board. They decorated them like wrapping presents and tree ornaments. Many other students behind the scene used wrapping paper and store bought borders to staple the background. Other students worked after school and during lunch time to cut out stars using construction paper. A few other 8th grade students copied their open-ended questions onto printing paper to demonstrate how the geometry properties were applied in solving problems.

Last but not least, technology was infused into the bulletin board display in many ways. Three 8th graders and members of the 13th Avenue Multimedia Team used Microsoft Publisher to make the display clear and attractive. Stanley created the banners (top and bottom). Mark and Lamont created the geometry property chart and description. All 3 students utilized word art and clip art in their design.

It was a very rewarding experience. The 8th graders were very proud of their creation.

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