February : Valentine's Day

All You Need is Love
Alison Domangue, North Edison, New Jersey
Grade Level: Pre-k

This Valentine's Day bulletin board can be enjoyed by people of all ages! Adults will appreciate the incorporation of two classic oldie songs (the stop sign in between the Love bugs says 'Stop in the name of love'), and children will enjoy the bright colors and fun shapes. It's simple, yet whimsical and significant.

Our class is being taught that Valentine's Day is about friendship and kindness as well as love. The music notes feature traditonal Valentine conversation hearts that say 'Sweet Friend', 'Love', and 'Cute' to emphasize those principles.

In our classroom, it's not just about reading and writing. We use music as a form of expression. We sing, dance, and play instruments. We also stress using our words instead of our hands to tell others how we feel, which is what music does. It conveys feelings through words, and that is the lesson our bulletin board demonstrates with its musical theme.

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