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Here are some great ideas for February bulletin boards submitted by ProTeacher visitors! Click on the photos at left for larger views and descriptions! See below for more ideas!

More Ideas from ProTeacher Visitors!

February Bulletin Boards
By: julie

Here are two bulletin board ideas that you may want to consider. One bulletin board says "Our Hearts Are Aflutter." You have the kids make butterflies and decorate them with sequins, glitter, etc. Use pipe cleaners for the antennae and big hearts for the wings. These butterflies turn out really cute. The other bulletin board says "Sweet Talk Me." This one is very simple but very cute. Each child traces and cuts out a heart. Each child then writes a message on their heart (copying the message, of course). We use the messages that you find on the conversation heart candy. This is another bulletin board that turns out really cute.

Dental Health Month
By: Kelly

Since February is dental health month, I decided to use this as the theme for my bulletin board in the hallway. I had each child trace and cut out a tooth pattern on white paper. Then I made a huge toothbrush using oaktag and colored it red. I used cut up strips of white paper to make 3D bristles for the toothbrush. I stapled the big toothbrush to an empty bulletin board and took each child's picture with the digital camera next to it. I made sure the children smiled with their biggest, tooth-showing smiles. I put the pictures in the middle of each tooth, and included a caption of what that child does to keep his or her teeth healthy. I called it "We Take Care of Our Smiles". It came out really cute.

Simply Yummy Bulletin Board
By: Tina

Use pinking shears to cut black paper into large circles, then cut slightly smaller circles out of brown paper. Put the 2 circles together, and write each of your student's names on your "peanut butter cups." Caption "Ms. Sue's Sweeties." If you want to get really fancy, you could cut a large heart out or red butcher paper and border it with doilies for a lacy, heart-shaped box to put your "sweets" in, then use old classroom Valentine cards as your border for your bulletin board.
Also easy... cover the board with Valentine-themed cloth or wrapping paper, then use caption "Love This Work" to display student-work.

Weaving in Kindness Bulletin Board
By: Tamekia

Last year I decided to get my students more involved in helping me with my bulletin boards. So, I decided to tie into our character education for the month which was kindness. I cut out a white heart that was large enough to fit on my bulletin board and cut slits going across. Then I weaved in pink border within the heart. The students participated by making a very "kind face" on a circle that was provided to them. The faces were then taped to cover the heart. My heading was "Weaving in Kindness. The kids loved it and I always reminded them of keeping on their "kind face" throughout the month.

Friendship themed bulletin board
By: Sydney Gal

You could get your students to cut out their hands on coloured paper and then you could link the hands somehow and place them around a globe or a heart with the title the hands of friendship.

Another alternative is to have a "friendship garden' and have photos of each class member as flowers blooming in your garden.

And last but not least, you could also have each one your students write a letter to someone in the class and place these on the bulletin board with large pencils created from coloured construction paper placed near the written letters. On the pencils you could have the students names / photos. I use this a lot as it incorporates both teacher and student effort!!!

Sweetheart Bulletin Board
By: Kimberly

I had all of my students bring in a baby photo. I carefully taped them up on hearts and the caption was...Can you Guess the Valentine Sweetheart? I posted a list of my kids names on a heart also. Everyone loved it, old and young alike. At the end of the month (last week of February) I posted the names underneath the pictures. What fun!


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