Computer Lab : Typing / Ocean Theme

"Sea"-rious About Typing
Joe Garay, San Antonio, Texas
Grade Level: K-5

I used this bulletin board to remind students of their Homerow Keys. To make the board I used blue butcher paper for the background. I then printed out fish with the letters of the homerow keys on each fish. I place them in an arch formation to hint to the children they are suppose to curve their fingers. I scatter a few seashells on the bottom and placed a large octopus off to the right. The octopus was created on Publisher using the poster option. I cut out a few light blue circles of different sizes and placed them about the background for bubbles. (Baby blue balloons would work well for a 3-D effect if you don't plan to have it up more than a month.) I place a few strips of green "seaweed" on both sides to balance the board and finished off with die-cut letters spelling "SEA"-RIOUS ABOUT TYPING"

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