Computer Lab : Internet

Surfing Lingo
Joe Garay, San Antonio, Texas
Grade Level: K-5

I used this bulletin board to teach internet terminology. To make the board I didn't use a background but rather I cut out a series of waves from blue paper. I made sure there were enough waves for each word I was going to introduce. I then cut out long white cloud-looking foam and placed one at the end of each wave. I used baby-blue chalk to add "highlights" and outlines to the waves. I then printed surf boards with the different words and placed them on top of each wave. Using Publisher's poster option I then printed a surfer dude and placed him off to the left to balance of the high wave that was on the right. In the center I cut out a sun from construction paper and drew shades on him and using die-cut letters I spelled "SURFING LINGO"

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