February : Groundhog's Day

Having Fun With Shadows
Teneshia Tyson, NC
Grade Level: Pre-K

This board was one of the boards I used during the month of February to go along with the Groundhog's Day activities. I used a store-bought border and yellow construction paper for the background. I used die-cut letter for the title. This board gave the children the opportunity to enhance their visual discrimination and fine motor skills. The object was to match the different items with their "shadows." I made some of the items and some were die-cut, and I made the flashlight in the lower corner. The pieces should be laminated to last longer, considering this board is a game for the children and the pieces are manipulated frequently. I used Velcro dots on the board and on the items. This allowed the children to move the pieces from side to side. The children had lots of fun matching the pieces!

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