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Re: Fraction Bulletin Board
By: Michelle

I did one last year based on pizza. Depending on the functioning level, the students can illustrate a simple fraction, equivalent fractions, addition/subtraction problems with fractions, or write and illustrate word problems that include fractions.

Use layers of construction paper to make the pizzas (9 in tan circle for crust, 8 1/2 in red circle for sauce, scraps of yellow for cheese, red for pepperoni, brown for mushrooms, etc.).

After each child made a pizza, we cut each pizza into a different number of equal sized pieces and explored equivalent fractions and ordering simple fractions from least to greatest.

By: teresa

It is on a bulletin board. I used a pocket 100's chart. I have cut squares of colored paper to fit in the chart. Each child places his/her marker in the appropriate space. together we then label all the parts of the graph - Title, choices, number of responses, etc.


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