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jan Brett
By: stacy

I put each book we are going to read in a big Ziploc baggie and push pin it to my bulletin board. I label it with "Warm up With Jan Brett" One activity I do is I give each student a pair of mittens out of construction paper. Then they each get a pair of white mittens that a smaller to glue in the middle of the colored mitten. On the left hand they have to finish "Three characters in the story were__" On the right they write "The problem of the story was___" and illustrate. I label that bulletin board "Mitten Weather"

Reading log Bulletin Board
By: Joanne Campbell

I found it very difficult to track books my students took home and read and trying to keep track of a log sheet. Those who were going to do it, did it well and those who did not, just wasted everyone's time. I came up with an idea with the help and inspiration of a teacher friend. I have a tree on my bulletin board that changes with the seasons so we also touch on some other curriculum at the same time. Each month, the reading "log" changes. In Spet. I sent home green leaves and extra construction paper. Each night, the student wrote down the name of the book they had read or been read to and their name. The next day, I put them on the tree to fill it with leaves. By the end of the month, the tree was overfilling with leaves. I have all the students stand in front and take their picture. Then I take them down and give each child their own blank tree with the caption "Books I have read in September" They take it home and show their parents all the books they have read. It is a super quick way to note who is reading and who is not. I make a big deal in the morning as I put up the leaves to try and encourage those who did not bring one. The leaves changed to red, yellow and orange in Oct and brown in Nov. Snowflakes were up all winter followed by raindrops, flowers and insects.

fall bulletin board
By: letha richards

I made a bulletin board for fall. I says "Fall into a good book". I put a boy lying under a tree on a blanket reading a book. The tree had leaves falling off with each child's name on one. The book the boy was reading was an actual book cover, so it gave a 3d effect. There was also a stack of books beside him.

sequencing bulletin board
By: Jill

You could create a "tic tac toe" bulletin board of boxes each labeled with a sequence word: such as, "first, next, then, after that, finally, in the end, etc" You could call the board "Tic, Tac, Toe, Sequence in a Row" Display student work in each box that represents activities that helped them sequence such as a roller coaster summary, storyboard or a play by play.

homework for Grade 1
By: Joanne

I expect students and parents to read every night. I found it very difficult to track until this idea. I have a large tree on a bulletin board (that changes with the seasons). Each month I send home "leaves" Sept-green leaves, Oct-red, orange, yellow leaves, Nov-brown leaves, Dec-Feb- snowflakes, March-windy clouds, April-raindrops, May-flowers and June-bugs. Big enough to write book title and child's name on it. Each day the students bring home a book to read or be read to. They write the title down and we put them up on the board. At the end of the month, I take the class' picture in front of the board and take them down. Each child then gets a ditto of a tree and uses their "leaves" to decorate and take home to show how many books they have read that month. It shows me very quickly who is reading and who is not. I use this for my homework mark. I also do Jolly Phonics so for the first term they have a sound sheet to complete (colour and trace letter). After Christmas I start spelling quizzes so they have that to practice each night. I also do Show and Tell 2nd term. Each child has a specific day so each has a turn once a week. That also has to be prepared at home. Hope this gives you some ideas.

Bulletin Boards
By: Lori

1. You could read some of the Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling like How the Leopard Got Its Spots and then allow the children to write their own Just So Stories on animal shaped cutouts. A clever title I have see is How the Creatures Got Their Features.

2. We have made a Keeping Quilt Bulletin Board for Patricia Polacco's Keeping Quilt. Each student designs their quilt block and then you put them together on the bulletin board.

3. For Wilma Unlimited by Kathleen Krull-- make page size running shoe shapes. I used my clip art program. I made a running shoe glyph for Wilma with pictures representing events in her life like small green dots labeled with the illnesses she had as a child, what she weighed at birth on a baby scale, calendar page miniatures marked with birth and death dates, a heart for her goal in 1960 -- to win 3 Olympic Gold Medals, a cut out in the shape of Tennessee for the state where she was born, her family birth order -20th of 22 children. Each child does a running shoe glyph for themselves. I put these up around the room since they were too big for one bulletin board. We used all the information though to graph data for our class which I did put on the bulletin board for our open house -- for example range of birth weights, month with the most birthdays, etc. The shoes look neat around the top of the room -- looks like someone has run around the room. I got this idea from a book called Feisty Females.

4. I have used this with several books -- Make a matching game -- like concentration using events from the book and icons from the book. For example for The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe. I made "doors" by hanging one of those science fair boards on a bulletin board so that the ends could swing open and shut. I decorated the outside of the swinging ends so that they looked like the doors to an armoire. Inside I hung cutouts shaped like various clothes on the top rack. These "clothes" would swing aside to reveal clues about events in the book. On the bottom rack other clothes would reveal a match to the items on the top rack. I numbered my top rack and lettered the items on the bottom. Students could complete an answer sheet for extra credit points -- 1 point per correct answer. I have used the same concept with other books -- Train cars on a winding track for The Boxcar children in younger grades. A replica of a "tree house" where I would change the question cutouts each week for a 4 week Magic Tree House unit for second graders one summer. Dinosaurs for Dinosaurs before Dark, Sarcophagi for Mummies in the Morning, etc. Another one that was a hit was the Magic School bus.

4. If you have a travel book you like -- I used How to Make an Apple Pie and see the World once for younger students. I made postcards for each of the places but did not spell out the locations. I placed clues on the postcards about where I was. Each postcard was numbered. Students tried to guess where each postcard was written by the clues left in the postcard. Another fun book was Postcards from Pluto which used this idea with the planets. You would not necessary have to use the places in the book -- make it a research project where the students had to search out the locations.

5. I use Little Nino's Pizzeria to teach theme on a Pizza Party day. I have given them a Pizza Party day when I taught third grade when the students completed their Pizza on the Multiplication is a Pizza Cake bulletin board. Students get the ingredients for their pizza as they master the multiplication tables. That isn't a tie in on the front end, but you do get the literature tie in on the back end of the bulletin board. I have a post with a link to the directions for this over on the math board under a multiplication facts post.

AR Bulletin Board
By: Kathy

I have a year long display on a large bulletin board by my door for the entire 5th grade team. The theme ties in with patriotism. It is "We WANT YOU! To be Red, White & Blue Readers!" I have an Uncle Sam & Statue of Liberty cut out on each end of the board. As students earn 25 AR points, we put their name up on a RED star in one area, then a 50 pt. Blue star & a 75 Pt. white star. As the year has progressed, the bulletin board is becoming very colorful & impressive! We have some 100 pt. readers now & plan to make some red, white & blue fabric ribbons for them as special incentives.

Guest Reader Bulletin Board
By: kasey

I plan on putting up a board with a title about giving. I am going to scan (or photocopy) the covers of children's books and wrap the actual books in wrapping paper and ribbons. When a guest reader comes into my room they will choose a book to unwrap and read to the kids. Then we will hang up the scanned copy of the book cover backed with wrapping paper and write reviews of the book.

Blooming Good Readers
By: S. Windle

Make each child a flower pot-complete with his/her name. Fill the pot with a flower for each 5 (or ten, etc.) points that are earned. OR Buy each child a clay pot and fill with flowers for points earned. You could use silk flowers from the dollar store or make flowers on wire.

bulletin board
By: Pam

I bought a paper table cloth that had a race track theme around the border ( black and white checkered). I cut the border and assembled it to make a straight "track" and laminated it. Then, I used the dye-cut machine to cut out little cars and put each students picture and name on the car along with his/her favorite number. I sectioned off the track with red lines, and each section represents a certain number of books read ( 10, 20, 30, etc.) As the kids pass the AR tests, they advance down the track. I moved everyone's cars on Friday after school, and they look forward to seeing how far their car moved on Monday morning. I titled the track "AR Speedway".
If a student reached 100 books, I purchased a $5 trophy with his/her name on it from the trophy shop. Well worth the money!!!

bulletin boards
By: Mel

I also have a jungle theme in my room. I did a bulletin board that said Wild about reading. It had a girl in a safari hat with a book that I found on print shop. I put an animal print border and books around the girl with the different genres on them. I also did a bulletin board that said 3rd grade safari. I did a safari looking bus and a giraffe and lion. I put a jungle looking border. The background was blue and I made grass. I am hoping to add all the subjects on something around the bus. I don't know yet how I plan to do that. Also, outside my door I did a "palm" tree and a monkey. I intend to put Bananas over 3rd grade and hang their names on the tree on a banana.

Jungle bulletin board idea
By: Diane

I once put a monkey reading a book on the bulletin board over the library. It had as a heading Go Bananas Over Books. I had made bananas for the children to fill out once they had finished a book. They had to write the title of the book, the author, type of book and their name. Then we put the bananas on the board around the monkey. It didn't take long that the bananas were on the wall and almost all around the classroom. I had found this idea in the Macmillian Instant Activities program.

AR Bulletin Boards
By: Nan

As you already know, with the AR program, there are different certification levels depending on the points earned and comprehension scores. I'm not sure if the lower grades are able to move up the different levels during the year, but upper grade students usually cover many in a year. In my room, I have lily pads on the wall for each level. It's titled LEAPING LILY PADS. Cute little frogs are made for each student (laminated so that they can be reused each year with clear name labels that can also be removed). Also for our school I made different birdhouses for each level and displayed them in the hall. The posts under each house has a Velcro strip so that name tags with Velcro can adhere to the strips. You could do the same with points, though.

Book Review Bulletin Board
By: Brooke

In my 2nd grade class I have a reader's review board. I have 6 books on the board. I made color copies of the book covers and put them on the board. The books are introduced and the students have about two weeks to read whichever books on the board that they choose. After the child has read the book then they take a post-it note and place it next to the book. There are different color post-it notes. Green- loved it, must read. Red- okay, good book. Blue- boring. You can make up whatever ratings that you want. Then after two weeks you perform a review with the students. You have the students tell each other why they rated each book a certain way. It makes the students motivated to read each book.

Book/Movie Bulletin Board
By: Lori2

I did a really cute bulletin board using the quote

Never judge a book by its movie. J. W. Eagen

I ran off book covers that had been made into movies and placed on the board. I used old film strips that had been discarded from the library for the border and then ran strips down the board and placed the book covers at intervals along the film strips. At the very end I used Freaky Friday and then used one of the ads for it and said Now Showing. I also curled up some of the old film strips and used it to make some curls near the title.

AR Bulletin board
By: Kathy

I bought some old 45 records & hot glued them as a border for a bulletin board. "Rockin' & Rollin" with AR Reading" We used an Ellison machine to cut circles for awards- 25 pts= Silver album, 50 pts= Gold Album 75 pts=platinum-we are using real sample CDs for platinum.(write their names on the unused side with Sharpie markers) 100 pt winners will get Grammy Awards (Loving cup trophies with their names) You could even have a Sock Hop to celebrate the end of year achievements. Last year we did "We Want You to be Red, White & Blue Readers"- color coded ribbons with names for earning points.

AR bulletin board
By: Tassie

I've tried a bulletin boards for AR before but found it difficult to keep up the updating part. Now what I do is student updated and works! I have a holiday cut out for each student (I do monthly goals) and write each student's goal on the cut out. When students take a test, they add one stamp for each tenth of a point they make on a test and a holiday sticker for each point. They can see their progress and I don't have to update it! The title of my bulletin board is "I'm an AR superstar!"

bulletin board for I love to read month
By: theresa

I just did a neat bulletin board for reading with my third graders. First I gave them a circle that I had cut out. They decorated it like a face (some used yarn for hair which gave it some dimension. Next I gave them a rectangular piece of white paper which they folded in half and decorated like a book cover. The face was stapled onto the bulletin board and the book was stapled in front of it so that it looks like someone reading a book. I put up "READ" as a caption. It turned out pretty cute!

winter theme reading bulletin board
By: sukie

Draw or make a big snowman with long arms holding a book in front as if he's reading. The title is "There's Snow Better Time to Read". Add some snowflakes and some examples of children's written responses to literature. The snowman I make has a cap on and a scarf and some glasses.

AR Bulletin Board
By: Mandi

We did a soccer board last year. We had green paper and made a soccer field. The title was "GO for the Goal" Each student's name was on a soccer ball. we labeled the field "sitting the bench" (no points earned) "warming up" (less than 50% of goal) "half way there" (50% of goal) "Goal", "Doubled my Goal", and "Tripled my goal". we started over on points each quarter, so then we just moved everyone back to the other end of the field to start over.

scholastic sunglasses bulletin board
By: Carrie

I was at the teacher supply store the other day and saw a bulletin board set and border by scholastic that was sooo cute. It had a huge paper pair of sunglasses with the title "Look What We're Reading" and it came with a lot of different looking sunglass cut outs that could be used to write the students names on. It was the prettiest colors, really bright.

AR Bulletin Board
By: Lisa Harrison

I used a red piece of bb paper and a black piece. I cut the black piece in the shape of a road and placed white lines on it. I went to school box and bought road signs and cars. I numbered the road signs in increments of 5's. Then wrote my students names on the cars. Every time they received 5 points I would move their car down the road. They got a kick out of this.

re apple bulletin board phrase
By: Laura Lea

"First Grade Bookworms
are the apples of my eye"
How about adding to that for the worms in apples-
and making it a reading apple bulletin board?
Kids names on the apples, but adding 100 more bookworms- One a day!
Read a book a day. Instead of being competitive for students learning to read- do 100 bookworms together as a class- a book a day until the 100th day of school! If too big for the board, then you could do a 100 page Apple shaped big book and on each day adding the name of each book read on a page. The cover would be the same as the apples with a worm but it would be reading a book of course. Each day rotate a student to draw their bookworm next to the title to illustrate the book! Oh this sounds fun!

AR Bulletin Board
By: bamateach

Here is something I have done in the past. Get some patriotic incentive charts from a teacher supply store and matching stickers. Each time a student earns 5 points they get to put a sticker on the chart. There are enough spaces for up to 100 points. This is quick and easy.
You could also make cut outs of flags and let the kids add a star to their flag for every five points.

AR bulletin board
By: ss/3rd

I agree with other posters about posting students names and the number of points they have. It is also the same with their certification levels. I used to do this and would cringe when I would see my title 1/resource students down at independent reader and the TAG kids getting Classic Reader. I still hand out certificates and we applause each other for a job well done, but I don't put it up for all to see who is where.
To keep track of points, I have a grid board as well, one column is a letter, the next is their weekly point goal (cumulative), actual points earned, and %. Each child is given a letter. They love to see how they're doing daily! My students love to set goals and work to reach them. I wish people would not judge AR so harshly. Used correctly, it is a wonderful program that provides a lot of feedback to educators on reading comprehension.
For your bulletin board, maybe you can get star cutouts with their names and have them put a sticker on for each certification.

Celebrate an Author's birthday this month
By: Rosanna

I made a big calendar on the bulletin board and circled the dates of some famous authors birthdays and then attached a colorful piece of yarn from the date to a spot outside the calendar. Then I photocopied covers of books that the authors wrote and attached them around the calendar to the yarn.

palm tree for reading bulletin board
By: jane

I once did a reading bulleting board with a palm tree. On the tree put a coconut for each child. Below the tree was a duck with crossed eyes getting hit by a falling coconut. The caption was..."We're Nuts About Reading!".
I used each coconut to track how many books each child read. When they finished a book we put a small motivational sticker on the coconut.

Reading Bulletin board
By: Jayme

In my fourth grade class last year the board I had said "Did you Read the One About . . ." Then the kids when they finished a book got to color the book cover. I had copied pictures of blank book covers. When they were ready they presented the book they had just read, showed the cover, and then they could put it up on the board. Each student really took pride in this.


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