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Here are some great ideas for Writing / Language Arts bulletin boards submitted by ProTeacher visitors! Click on the photos at left for larger views and descriptions! See below for more ideas!

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teaching Writing / Language Arts - room decorations
By: Gail

I love teaching Writing / Language Arts! Here's what I usually do each year. I designate one bulletin board for student work. I title the board "A Classroom Community of Writers." For each "i," I make a pencil with an eraser top. Then, I make a color mat (I use Crayola Art and Craft Paper in bold colors)for each child. At the top of each sheet I print (using a computer) Author....and the child's name. I take their pictures the first day of school and place them above each laminated mat. Then, I put two small peg tacks in just the right position to still show the name and picture, but where I can use the pegs as storage for Writing / Language Arts samples! At the end of the year, I have a wonderful collection of Writing / Language Arts samples in chronological order, and I always have a visible sample as I talk with parents.

Bulletin Boards
By: Jackie

This idea is not all that creative, but easy to maintain and the kids (and parents!) love it. You'll need one of the bigger boards. After putting up your bulletin board paper(preferably a darker color) and border, use white yarn to section off a separate square for each child, like a tic-tac-toe board only longer. Label each square with a child's name. Use one of the middle squares for your title. I used a star border and some extra stars sprinkled about and titled it All-Star Work. The kids can choose an item they are particularly proud of and post it.
Change as desired. That way your board doesn't always look the same, but doesn't require a lot of preparation on your part. Plus, the kids love choosing and displaying their favorite work samples.

Backgrounds for bulletin boards
By: Debbie

While this is not a decorative board, I use colored felt for my word wall. If you put velcro on the backs of your words (laminate them first), they stick well and are easy to remove when a child needs to copy them 'cause they can take them to their seats (great for the little ones in Kinder or First who have a hard time finding and copying things from the board). ;-D

A year long wall decoration from the kids
By: Reane

At the beginning of each month the students write. They can write about anything they want as long as it's school appropriate. Be sure to have each name and date their samples. I make a wall space/ bulletin board with a single paper size space for each student. I personally just have a trim around the outside and have the papers hanging. (nothing fancy) Each month I add the latest sample on top of the other examples. During the year, I use the wall to illustrate growth, for conferences, etc. At any time you can walk over with a parent and they can see their child's progress. In June I take all the samples, bind them and give them to the parents as a gift. I have done this for years, it's greatly appreciated by kids and parents alike. After years of doing this, here's a couple of clues make sure the papers are not low on the walls being there all year they might get ruined and I only push pin on the top of the papers so one can easily flip back to September at any time.

Boggle Bulletin Board
By: Crystal

Boggle bulletin board is similar to the game boggle. You take 20 pieces of white paper, about 10 in. by 5 in. (the size of paper depends on how much space you have).

On each piece of paper you write a letter from the alphabet. You arrange the 20 white squares in the shape of a large square.

Students take a piece of paper and try to create words out of the bulletin board. You can set a timer or not. I usually let the students decide. You can make up your own rules as to what order the letters have to be arranged.

I usually say that the letters have to be touching to create the word. But as the students play more, I pretty much let them create their own rules.

This can be played in groups or partners. Each group, individual, or partner set tries to spell the most words.

The students really enjoy this game.

Postal Bulletin Board
By: Daryl B in Beaverton

How about using the song "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a letter". You'll have to look up all the words on a lyrics site but:
I'm gonna sit right down and
write myself a letter.
And make believe it came from you.
You've got a homonym idea and writing a letter to yourself (the kid) can be fun.

Bee Bulletin Board
By: S. Windle

Make a bee hive out of a large stuffed paper bag.
Cut enough bees so that everyone in the class has a bee with his/her name on it. After spelling tests, those students who make 100 may move his/her bee to any location in the room. On Thursdays, all bees return to the hive.

bulletin boards
By: Gisele

Ms. _________'s class is WRITE ON with cut out pencils (should you be crafty, make pencils out of fun foam) with each student's name on it, as well as cut out Dalmatians with the caption...Look who's been spotted in grade___ or in Ms. _____'s class.

Library Bulletin Board - Writing Techniques
By: Robin Pachtman

I set up a display on "Writer's Block." The theme focused around books on writing techniques and ideas to inspirational writing. The setting is several "blocks" of artificial golf grass. These are layered on a background of black paper which serves as the streets. I drew white lines with chalk on the black paper. I scanned in the book covers of books and printed them in color and set them up on the grass to look like houses. I also cut out a community of people and vehicles to put around the "neighborhood" from Word clipart.

Vocabulary Bulletin Board
By: Pat M.

Kids feel so smart when they learn new words. Why not use the title from Dr. Seuss's book, Oh the Thinks You Can Think!, at the top of your board. If you have a board that you can spare for the year, all the better; you can make color coded word cards for science and social studies and 'splash' them all over the board. Make it interactive using sticky notes by having students predict meanings or categorizing words. The more they learn, the more "they" can add to your board. Best of all it will keep them focused on new vocabulary all year.

Interactive Bulletin Board
By: Michele

An interactive bulletin board is one that the children can use to learn a specific task. For example, I have one with monkeys, since that is the animal name for my classroom, where the monkeys are sitting on a tree branch and their tails are hanging down. On the tummy of the monkey is a number and their tails have to hang to the correct number word. The children can self correct selves by looking on the back of the tail to see how many dots there are to make sure they have it at the correct word.


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